Check out Microsoft’s latest patent – a dynamic E ink keyboard!

The computer has been changed and improved so many times in recent years that we have come to expect changes each year now. Yet the keyboard, an essential component, has remained static despite all the changes. Many major players are now looking to reinvent the keyboard with existing technology such as E Ink. For example, the InkCase gives your iPhone a secondary screen by adding an E Ink display at the back of your iPhone!

InkCase i7 schedule daily planner
Display your daily schedule with minimal power!

As such, a series of smart keyboards have entered the market such as those offered by Microsoft and Lenovo Yoga Book’s Halo Keyboard. Microsoft is pushing ahead of its competitors with its latest patent showcasing an E Ink keyboard cover.

What is it?

Filed in September, the patent shows a device that includes a normal emissive display and an E Ink display which covers the usual display. It also doubles as an actual cover case. Of course, the E Ink display in itself is not new. The crux of the patent lies in how the two displays work together.

The Yoga Book has a static display not etched out on the keyboard. Users can change content accordingly. However, Microsoft’s patent showcases how the display can be used for, beyond touch input. This addresses one of the complaints regarding the unchanging nature of the Yoga Book’s keyboard.

The real hook is a feature similar to MacBook’s TouchBar feature. The regular screen will be situated near the E Ink display which will show controls. The ‘TouchBar’ detailed in the patent is on the emissive side of the device and is not really considered as part of the keyboard.

With all that said, keep in mind that this is still just a patent. It is more than likely that Microsoft would take a few years to bring this into the market. Stay hopeful though; most of the technology needed to realise the patent is already available! In fact, the cancelled Microsoft Courier is rather similar. So keep your fingers crossed!

Popslate shuts down after raising $1m on Indiegogo

oaxis inkcase smart iphone case ereader
Oaxis’ InkCase is the world’s first phone case to add a second screen to your phone!

While Oaxis’ InkCase was the original phone case which added a secondary E Ink screen to your iPhone, Popslate gained popularity and developed popSLATE. After the initial success, the company announced the sequel popSLATE 2. It would double as a battery charger and also have an improved screen.

Through Indiegogo, Popslate raised over $1.1 million to manufacture popSLATE 2. The announced date of delivery was July 2016. Now, after a lengthy delay in shipping out, the company suddenly announced its bankruptcy in an update to its backers. The email update also informed backers of the lack of refunds and order delivery too. This naturally resulted in a furious backlash. Backers were further infuriated with the lack of explanation as the email update was apparently the last update they would receive regarding Popslate.

What caused Popslate’s downfall?

The reason for this failure, according to CEO Yashar Behzadi and CMO Grey Moon, was largely financial in nature. Preparations for popSLATE 2’s manufacturing consumed used up much of the company’s funding. Technical problems with its design impeded progress. The firm also pushed shipping back from July 2016 to October due to insufficient initial prototypes.

Apple’s iPhone 7  announcement prompted a foray into redesigning the device to fit both the iPhone 6 and 7. This exacerbated the situation. Popslate soon realised its attempts were redundant as such a device failed to comply with Apple’s Made for iPhone program.

Things didn’t improve in 2017 when Popslate found out that its prototypes failed Apple’s certification testing as popSLATE 2 reduced the iPhone’s ability to transmit RF transmissions. Moreover, they also encountered issues with charging as well, causing an even longer delay. The company pushed delivery back to March and suspended refunds as they tried to resolve the problems.

Despite managing to raise $1m, it was still insufficient to cover the additional costs the string of problems caused. This ultimately brought about the downfall of Popslate, earning the dubious honour of being one of the more epic crowdsourcing failures.

While it may be true that crowdsourced projects are essentially based on faith, the curt farewell message offered by Popslate leaves much to be desired and that is loudly reflected in the outpouring of bitter messages by backers.

5 reasons why you should get your kid a smartwatch

In this age of technology, it can be difficult for parents to establish the right timeline to induce different technologies into your child’s life. At what age is it best to give your child a mobile phone? Many parents are still uncomfortable with young children owning a mobile phone despite the increasingly lower age of mobile device users. Thankfully for parents who still want to stay connected to their kids without having to worry about the cons of smartphone ownership, smartwatches could be the solution to their dilemma. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Peace of Mind for Parents

Smartwatches provide a great way for a parent to keep an eye on their children in an unobstructive manner. For example, the WatchPhone can be used to contact your child via phone call or text. It also acts as a GPS tracker, allowing parents to track their children’s location easily with their smartphones. The first of its kind, the WatchPhone is compatible with 3G data, allowing users to send voice memos as well. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to reach your child again

Additionally, many smartwatches come with safety features which allow the child to send a distress signal to their parents instantly. The WatchPhone, for instance, lets the child send a SOS to their parents’ smartphone with a tap. This safeguard brings a sense of reassurance to both child and parent.

Oaxis Watchphone is useful for keeping your children safe from child abduction.
Keep in touch with your kid easily with just one touch.

2. Independence

A smartwatch can also help create a safe space for your child to develop a sense of independence. The inbuilt tracking and safety features give parents the confidence to let their children go out alone. Parents can preset safety zones for kids by using the geofencing function on the WatchPhone, allowing them to roam within a designated safe area. When a child exceeds the limit, the nominated smartphone will be alerted.

Many other smartwatches also let children keep track of their own schedules and to-do list, fostering a sense of responsibility in them at a young age. This will also enhance their sense of independence and help develop productive habits as well.

3. Activity tracking

Most mobile devices, such as tablets and game consoles, tend to result in more screen and sedentary time. This may ultimately bring about many health issues like child obesity.
Smartwatches can help encourage children to go out and play as most include activity tracking features such as a pedometer. The WatchPhone not only comes with an inbuilt pedometer but also has a calorie tracker. This allows parents to track their children’s activity level and make adjustments to their daily routine accordingly.

Watchphone smartwatch fights child obesity
With an in-built pedometer, the WatchPhone also encourages physical activity too.

4. Designed specially for kids

The market for smartwatches designed specially for kids has been growing steadily. While these smartwatches tend to be more primitive in terms of functionality, they are usually also sturdier and affordable than their adult counterparts. The functions included in these smartwatches are also engineered to be useful in a kid’s lifestyle and as such is a lot more practical.

5. Parental Controls Available

Parents can rest assured that their kids are not communicating with unsavoury characters or information with the wide variety of parental controls available. The WatchPhone keeps your child safe by blocking unknown numbers and only allowing authorized devices to interact with it. The Classroom mode makes the WatchPhone school-friendly as well, minimising distractions during lessons. Other common parental controls in smartwatches include features like restricted game time, Internet restrictions, purchasing permissions and more.

5 ways to keep the boredom gone even with the travel ban!

In yet another bid to up airport security, US authorities have implemented a device ban, forbidding passengers from carrying any electronic device larger than a cellphone. This ban specifically targets passengers from 8 countries. The ban applies to laptops, tablets, Kindles and even cameras that are larger than mobile phones. This means that passengers now can’t watch movies, surf the net or even do their work on long flights. So what other entertainment options are available? Here are a few cost-free ways to keep yourself occupied during those long hours!

1. Read

Pick up one of the latest bestsellers at the airport or revisit a old favourite! There’s just no excuse to not read on a flight when you have so much time to spare. No space in your carry-on duffel? InkCase is your answer! Choose from your own library of e-books with InkCase which transforms your iPhone into an e-reader. No need to worry about adding more bulk or being stopped by airport security. Now all you need to worry about is what book you want to read first!

InkCase i7 e-reader
InkCase adds a secondary E Ink screen at the back of your phone!

2. Puzzles

Keep yourself occupied by flexing your brain muscles! Pick up a couple of brain teasers and you’re in for hours of fun! These brain teasers help boost your brain power by enhancing your memory and developing your ability to think out of the box. Your brain will produce more dopamine when you try out these puzzles, keeping your spirits high! The sense of satisfaction after you succeed at solving one will also give your mood a much-needed boost too.

3. Plan your schedule

Make full use of your time by planning ahead! Use those long hours to plan your schedule to maximise your productivity. Instead of just sitting around, make a to-do list and prioritise your urgent and important tasks in your phone. Keep the to-do list or your daily schedule visible by displaying it on the back of your phone with InkCase! That way you’ll never forget your tasklist or miss an appointment.

InkCase i7 schedule daily planner
With InkCase, you’ll never miss another appointment!

4. Create something

Slip a notebook and a pencil in your bag and you’re set for hours! Use those long hours to pen down your thoughts or write a little note for your loved ones. Get your creative juices flowing by writing little stories about what’s happening around you! Who knows, you may just discover a talent for writing!

Not a fan of words? Draw something then! Sketch something as a keepsake for your trips. You can even give them to your friends or family for a more personal gift! Bring some origami paper and get started on your own origami zoo. Just keep your hands busy and you’ll be surprised how quickly time flies!

5. Make new friends

What else can you do when you’re surrounded by people who are just as bored as you are? Step out of your comfort zone and make some conversation with the guy next to you! What’s the worst that can happen? Sure, you may end up discovering that you have nothing in common with him but chances are you’ll probably have a pretty interesting conversation with someone you might have never had the chance to talk to. You may even make some lifelong friends that way. So give it a shot and start the ball rolling! Not sure what to talk about? Show off your most interesting moments by displaying it on the back of your phone with InkCase! That’ll give you something to start off – ask your neighbour about their most interesting memories!

Oaxis InkCase i7 displays your photos with minimal power consumption
Keep your best memories close by with InkCase!

10 Lifehacks to increase your productivity

Lifehacks to increase your productivity

With the increasing prevalence of social media and mobile devices in our society, it is little wonder that we are constantly distracted and significantly less productive than we’d like to be. Yet with a few simple tips, your productivity can improve drastically, be it in the workplace or even at home.

1. Schedule

Plan out your week and day! You’d be surprised at how much time you can save simply by organising your weekly schedule. Having a schedule structures your life and also provides peace of mind as your time is maximised to fulfil the most important tasks. Furthermore, with an effective weekly schedule, you’ll be able to improve your work-life balance, ensuring that the growth of the relationships in your life. Revise your schedule for the next day every night in case of any last-minute addition or priority shifts. Not sure where to start? Just make use of the Calendar app on your mobile devices or try out the free schedule templates online! Make sure your schedule is prominently displayed at the back of your phone with InkCase!

InkCase i7 schedule daily planner
With InkCase, you’ll never miss another appointment!

2. To-do lists

To-do lists can help you stay on top of the tasks on hand. It’s much easier to track your tasks with to-do lists which can be easily created on your mobile devices. For instance, InkCase allows you to keep your to-do lists visible and close at hand by providing a secondary screen on the back of your phone! By prioritizing the most important tasks, you can make the most of your time and ensure that you finish your tasks on time. Furthermore, crossing off tasks on your to-do list gives you a sense of satisfaction and helps you visualise your progress as well!

InkCase i7 to-do list productivity
Keep your to-do list always within reach with InkCase!

3. Learn to say no

Time is your most valuable currency so learn to say no to unnecessary meetings and requests! Individually, each engagement may take less than an hour but when added up, they can take up a lot of your precious time that could otherwise be used on more important and urgent tasks. If possible, arrange for online or stand-up meetings instead so as to increase efficiency and productivity. While being a team player in the workplace is important, don’t acquiesce to all requests for help without assessing your own workload carefully and finding out the specifics of the request first. Know your priorities and finish the tasks on hand before agreeing to help with their work. Otherwise, you’ll end up with too much on your plate for you to cope with!

4. Allocate time for replying emails

Constantly checking your email takes up more time than we realise as most of the time all we do is open our inbox, only to see that no new mail has come in. Furthermore, urgent information tends to be conveyed through phone calls instead of email. Try responding to emails at a specific time each day; that way you reply to batches of emails at once and also ensure that each email is replied within 24 hours. Also consider setting up push notifications for your email which will allow you to gauge the urgency of the emails received, saving you the trouble of opening up your inbox constantly throughout the day.

5. Break it up.

Big projects may seem daunting and thus put you off starting them as you get overwhelmed by the magnitude. However, by breaking it down into smaller parts, you make the project seem more manageable and also easier to complete. Deadlines for each small task can be set so as to ensure you stay on track. Furthermore, with smaller tasks, you can also delegate more easily and thus finish the project more quickly.

6. Target-setting

Set realistic targets for yourself and keep a constant reminder somewhere visible such as the back of your phone with InkCase to keep yourself on task and motivated! By setting relevant goals, you learn to prioritize what’s important and to focus your efforts on attaining your goals. Instead of setting unrealistic goals for yourself, try using the SMART mnemonic to maximise the effectiveness of target-setting.

7. Get rid of distractions

Make use of time-management apps such as Pomodoro Technique timers to eliminate unnecessary distractions such as Facebook or Instagram. Such apps provide a structured work-rest timetable, breaking up large chunks of work into manageable time periods. The short breaks in between lessens the monotony of work as well, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

8. Delegate

Asking for help can often cut down a lot of time searching for a solution to a problem that may be beyond your expertise. Instead try maximising your resources by delegating to your colleagues according to each person’s specialised skillset. Furthermore, with more people on deck, an originally huge project can become broken down into smaller tasks which can be completed simultaneously.

9. Time-blocking

Allocate specific time blocks to important tasks so that you have time to fully focus on completing them. Furthermore, this helps tremendously in prioritizing your tasks and time management as well. This will also provide a sense of urgency as you try to finish the task within the time allocated. This applies for leisure time as well! You’d be surprised at how much a little down-time can help increase your productivity. Block out some time to take a break and rest before diving back into your work. Take some time to read your favourite book without any distractions with InkCase! All it takes is just a flip of your phone to transform it into an e-reader.

InkCase i7 e-reader
InkCase adds a secondary E Ink screen at the back of your phone!

10. Exercise

Exercise increases blood flow to your brain and thus sharpens your awareness. Even a short walk during lunch time can work wonders for your focus and help you avoid that infamous tea-time slump. Moreover, your body gets an energy boost each time you exercise as it enhances your body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body. Not only does a good workout help reduce stress, it also gets your creative juices flowing so the next time you get stuck, try taking a walk!


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Oaxis Data Policy

What kinds of information do we collect?

At Oaxis, we do not sell or redirect your information to third parties or other affiliates. All data collected from our users are strictly protected and only used for orders fulfillments.

Keep your workout motivation with these 6 easy tips!

1. Keep track of your workouts

Log your daily exercise with InkCase! InkCase keeps your daily exercise log visible on the back of your phone.  The visual reminder of your progress will make you feel better about working out and motivate you even more. Also InkCase comes in handy if you’re prone to forgetting when you’re supposed to be working out as it allows you to keep your workout timetable constantly visible too!

Inkcase i7
The InkCase helps you keep track of your daily physical activity with the activity tracker app.

Not sure if that’ll be enough motivation? Mark every day you skip a workout with a giant red ‘X’. With all those accusing giant ‘X’s as a glaring reminder, you’re sure to be more motivated to go put your running shoes on!

2. Set achievable goals

Did you know that an additional 5 minute walk daily can help shrink your waist in 3 months without any dieting? It just goes to show even a little bit of exercise can work wonders too! So if you’re losing motivation, break down your exercise regimes and goals into smaller units. While it’s important to push yourself, setting unrealistic goals does more harm than good. Constantly not achieving your goals will only make you increasingly demoralised and unmotivated to exercise. I mean, who likes to fail constantly right? Start with simple goals and then progress to long term goals.

For example, if you haven’t exercised in a while, you can set a daily target of walking for 10 minutes. As your stamina improves, increase the duration gradually! Keep things interesting for yourself by adding other exercises such as skipping or burpees too.

3. Make it a family activity

Exercise together with your entire family! Health professionals advocate family fitness as a solution to the growing problem of child obesity and a form of family bonding. Parents who exercise with their children not only get healthier, but strengthen the family’s bond as the family gets to spend more time together regularly.

Afraid that your children may be reluctant to join in exercising with you? Pique their interest with the WatchPhone which integrates exercise into their daily life! The pedometer and calorie tracker functions in the WatchPhone present exercise in a fun and engaging manner by allowing children to keep track of their own level of physical activity. Furthermore, it also doubles as a GPS tracker and a means of communications between parent and child as the WatchPhone lets you call and text your child without the unnecessary frills of a smartphone.

Smartwatch for children, Oaxis Watchphone
The Watchphone gives children a sense of independence while allowing parents to keep an eye on them.

4. Bribe Yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to by planning something nice for yourself after each workout! This’ll definitely make it easier for you to get through the workout when you have something fun to look forward post-workout. That way, working out won’t be the main focus of your day!

5. Make it fun

Don’t just stick to lifting weights and cardio; why not pick up a new sport instead? That way you get to work out, make new friends and have fun all at the same time! Nowadays, it’s so easy to sign up for classes for Zumba, Yoga or even Pole dancing if you’re feeling adventurous. So what’s stopping you?

6. Keep your workout playlist fresh

You’d be surprised at how much listening to music during your workout can impact you! Create a workout playlist and keep it constantly updated with high-energy music that gets your blood pumping to get the most out of your workout. With a rocking soundtrack, you’re bound to enjoy your workout more and be less likely to lose motivation!


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Top 10 beautiful iPhone cases

1. Oaxis InkCase IVY

Oaxis InkCase IVY increases your productivity
Stay ahead of the game with InkCase IVY!

Keep your life on track with Oaxis’ latest InkCase IVY which combines the best of function and beauty. It’s not just a phone case; IVY doubles as a daily planner as well, allowing users to display to-do lists and schedules on the back of their iPhone without adding extra bulk. Users can choose from 4 stunning combinations designed to accentuate your iPhone’s stylish aesthetic. With an E Ink screen, the InkCase IVY allows users to further customise their iPhone case by displaying not only their daily schedule but also personal photos on the back of their phone. Moreover, the InkCase IVY is crafted with anti-scratch and drop-proof technology. Keeping your iPhone safe and stylish has never been easier before!

2. Tech Candy Radiant Orchid Barcelona iPhone 6 Case Set

Tech Candy Barcelona Case Set

No need to compromise your iPhone’s sleek aesthetic for strong protection anymore! This beautiful case from Tech Candy is unlike most other cases out there. Instead of a snap-on design, Tech Candy uses a dual-layer design. The outer shell is made of a “Space-Age Polycarbonate,” while the inner wraps (which come in different colors) are made from “cashmere” silicone. The ability to change colors, along with the cool texture, make this a more than worthwhile buy as it’s basically two iPhone cases for the price of one! Moreover, the iPhone case’s appearance is pretty lasting as there is absolutely no paint to fade, scratch or rub off. All case parts are washable with common dishwashing liquid and water.

3. Speck Candyshell Inked

With a huge variety of patterns in high-res graphics wrapped around a slim iPhone 6s & 6 case that resist scratching and fading, Speck Candyshell Inked iPhone cases are absolutely worth a second look. Certified with military-grade drop protection and patented raised bezel screen protection, the iPhone cases not only look stunning but also provide complete protection for your iPhone without adding unnecessary bulk due to the precision-engineered slim fit.

4. HEX Focus Black Woven iPhone 6 Case

If you’re looking for a case that looks and feels different from the majority of what’s out there, the HEX Focus case is definitely what you’re looking for. The Focus case comes in different finishes which are rather unique such as the woven case. The case has a plain leather bottom. It looks very distinct and yet simple, retaining an air of class. Furthermore, the woven texture helps with the iPhone case grip as well.

5. Piel Frama Tan Ostrich Leather iPhone 6 Cover

While leather is a relatively common material used in iPhone cases, calfskin-ostrich leather is pretty rare. With its distinctive dotted look, this case is not only noteworthy for its appearance but also its ultra-slim design. Not only does the top flap provide protection for your iPhone, it also comes with slots for your credit cards too.

6. Neiman Marcus 24 Karat Gold iPhone 6 Case

This iPhone case is handcrafted with genuine 24-karat gold leaf highlights on the back, with a translucent finish. The ultra slim, dual-layer design with protective bumper enhances impact resistance and shock dispersion. With colour-coordinating metal button accents, what could be more luxurious?

7. Belkin LEGO Builder

The multicolored LEGO case from Belkin is for everyone who’s young at heart. It also comes in various colours, such as gray and lavender. Not only can the case protect your iPhone, but it can also be a playground. With an official LEGO base plate, users can spend hours revisiting their childhood with those colourful blocks.

8. Bling My Thing Cascade: Swarovski Crystals Designer Cover – Brilliant Onyx

Shine bright like a diamond with this statement piece. Decked out in 567 pieces of tiny Swarovski crystals, each crystal is given an individual crystal setting ensuring excellent hold. With its subtle but elegant metallic ombre, this Bling My Thing case is definitely going to be an attention-grabber no matter where you go.

9. Grovemade Walnut Case

Go au naturel with Grovemade Walnut iPhone Case which is crafted from solid walnut. Designed to add minimal bulk to your phone while providing ample protection, this sleek iPhone case fits your iPhone like a glove. Each hole for the camera, ports, speakers and buttons has been meticulously cut so as to maximise accessibility, showcasing excellent craftsmanship.

10. Zagg DropGuard Case

This new iPhone case from Zagg features Reflexion Technology, making it durable and highly protective, meeting military drop test standards, but yet a fairly slim case. It certainly looks interesting, with a triangular pattern that will come in various colors. The colored, textured part of the case is soft and flexible, and there’s a transparent, hard plastic bumper around the outside. The button covers have a metallic finish and the openings for the ports, camera and the switch are generous as well.

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What’s in your bag: 5 Tips for a lighter handbag!

We all know that heavy handbags spell trouble for our posture but what exactly can we do to lighten the load? Read on for simple tips on lessening your handbag’s weight!

1. Clear your handbag daily.

Take everything in your bag out and go through them, separating the items into essentials and non-essential. We tend to just stuff all the random knick-knacks we get throughout the day into our handbag, regardless of how useless they may be. Be it receipts, biscuits, small purchases or even litter, they all just end up inside! By sorting out the contents of your bag everyday, you get rid of all the rubbish and instantly lighten your load.

2. Downsize everything.

Get travel-sized bottles to use for overnight trips instead of bringing regular-sized toiletries. Trust me, you’re not going to use all 500ml of your shampoo in a single night; so why lug that all around?

Love reading on the road? Try the Inkcase instead of carrying a book around! Inkcase transforms your phone into an e-reader by adding an E Ink screen at the back of your phone. It is the world’s lightest and thinnest e-reader.

Inkcase makes for easy reading on public transport as it is the world's thinnest and lightest e-reader
The pocket-sized Inkcase makes reading during your commute even easier!

3. Make sure you’re only carrying what you really need.

Store those comfy flats in your car or office instead of carrying them around. Are you sure you really need your tablet? Your phone may be more than up for the job; just go google some of the lifehacks your iPhone is capable of! So make things easier on your shoulder and get a smaller handbag!

Instead of carrying around a schedule book, consider using your phone’s Calendar app. Alternatively you could also make use of Inkcase to keep track of your schedule. Inkcase allows users to display to-do lists and schedules on the back of their phone with no extra bulk. You’ll never miss another appointment again!

Inkcase allows you to keep your to-do list and schedule constantly visible on the back of your phone.
Keep your to-do list always visible with Inkcase!

4. Lighten your wallet.

You’d be surprised at how heavy your wallet can get, especially if you’re a closet hoarder of coins, loyalty cards and receipts! It seems a lot more convenient to pay with bills instead of coins. But it’s all about habit. After all, it doesn’t take long to count out a couple of coins for your coffee! Cut down on cards in your wallet; try this Key Ring app instead. Use e-tickets with Inkcase instead of conventional tickets so that you collect less receipts and paper tickets.

5. Change your bag.

Opt for bags with wider straps. Research has shown that the wider the strap is, the better it is for your body. Wide straps help protect your shoulder by distributing the weight over a wider area. Buy bags with alternative strap options, such as bags with handles for your hands and straps for cross-body wearing. Backpacks are probably best since the load is more evenly carried on two shoulders instead of one!

Bigger is definitely not better in this case! Get smaller purses so that you only bring the minimal necessities around. You’re more likely to put more unnecessary stuff in a bigger bag that will weigh it down.


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6 Reasons why reading is so important

When was the last time you picked up a book just because the book cover caught your eye or the title seemed interesting? You’d be surprised at the numerous benefits reading actually brings, regardless of how old you are now. If you are one of those bookworms who used to love reading but stopped because of the inconvenience of carrying around a book, try the InkCase today! Read on to find out more about the importance of reading!

6 reasons why reading is important
Reading is important even in adulthood.

1. It increases intelligence.

Just like going for a jog exercises your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good workout. Reading also increases analytical powers as you practise your analysis skills while examining the story. Be it critiquing the plot, writing style, character development or story flow, your mind is much more engaged while reading. As your brain activity increases, so does your intelligence! Furthermore, reading can also help you think out of the box. Scientists at Liverpool University found that poetry stimulates brain activity in the brain area associated with autobiographical memory. The research shows the power of literature to shift mental pathways and to create new thought processes.

2. Reading relieves stress.

Feeling gloomy? Start reading with InkCase to keep the blues away! Reading is great as a mood-lifter. It helps in shedding away all the stress and allows one’s mind to escape into another world for a while. A great story can allow you to lose yourself in it while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting all that tension drain away.

Research from the University of Sussex has found that reading lowers stress faster than other activities such as walking or listening to music. Participants in the study read for a mere 6 minutes before experiencing decreased heart rates and muscle tension. Furthermore, several studies have also suggested that reading can soothe mood disorders such as depression. PLOS ONE published a study indicating that reading self-help books and undergoing therapy lowered depression more effectively than traditional treatments.

3. Reading gives you a greater understanding of the subject.

This is probably one of the most crucial benefits of reading – it is a great source of knowledge. Merely having limited surface information about a particular subject is a dangerous thing. With such little knowledge, it is easy to operate on false assumption. As such, increasing your understanding will provide you with tools to resolve difficult situations in life and improve your ability to cope with difficult situations.

Whatever you read, it will definitely teach you something. A Nelson Mandela biography, for instance, could motivate you to persevere through difficult times while the Lord of the Rings may jumpstart your creative juices. It also creates awareness of current affairs and their surroundings. For example, newspapers will keep you up to date about current affairs. Equipped with more knowledge, you can then better form your own holistic perspective of the world.

Reading increases your brainpower.

4. Reading can make you more empathetic.

Literary fiction helps readers to understand others’ perspectives as each story shares different people’s emotions and thought process, according to research published in Science. Stories puts you into the shoes of various characters, making it easier for you to relate to others in real life. This will definitely help in improving your relationships and social interactions with others.

5. It may help fight Alzheimer’s disease.

Be proactive in preventing Alzheimer’s by reading more with InkCase! Research has shown that those who engage in intellectual activities such as reading or chess are possibly 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who don’t. The study suggests that brain-stimulating exercises as such activities can lower the levels of a brain protein involved in Alzheimer’s.

Furthermore, people who read books are more likely to have healthy brains in old age, according to research published in the journal, Neurology. The study examined 294 elderly participants and found that those who had taken part in mentally stimulating activities had lower rates of mental decline as they got older. Those who rarely read or performed other stimulating mental activity mentally declined 48 percent faster than average.

6. Reading before bedtime can help you sleep.

Have trouble sleeping at night? Picking up a book may just solve the problem! By reading a book before bedtime every night, your body gets the signal that it’s time to take a break and go to sleep. LCD screens such as smartphones or tablets can actually keep you awake longer and even hurt your sleep. This is particularly so for kids. Fifty-four percent of children sleep near a small screen and thus get 20 fewer minutes of sleep on average. Instead of LCD screens, why not try the InkCase? The InkCase adds a secondary E Ink screen to your phone, allowing you to use your phone as an e-reader as well!

InkCase i7
Read anywhere and any time with the InkCase!

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