Award Winning Fitness Band That Helps You Cultivated A Healthy Habit

We Are All Creature of Habits

Good habits, bad habits; habits guide us through our repetitive actions in our daily lives unconsciously. Allowing us to accomplish recurring task effortlessly. As we get comfort with our habits, good habits continually shape us into our better selves while bad habits kept us from reaching our fullest potential. We believe long lasting changes comes from within. Finding the right motivation to start a fitness plan is easy, keeping to it has always been the difficult part.


All Day Activity Tracking

Automatically keep track of your steps, distance and calories burned, keeping you informed of your activity level while you go about you daily life.


Sleep Monitoring

Gives you insights to your sleep pattern and helps you improve your sleep routine.

Calories Burned

Calculate calories burned based activity level and individual metabolism deprived from age, weight, height and gender.


Visualized your Progress

Easy to read charts and graphs helps you visual your progress right from your smartphone.

Silent Alarm & Sleep Reminder

The smart silent alarm that wakes you up gently in the morning and reminds you go to bed on time.


Gamified your Goals

Set and achieve personalized fitness goals aligned with daily milestones in the in-app game.


The built-in game, Star Journey helps users visualise the milestones; tracking the progress to ensure users achieve goals that are inline with the 21 days habit formation plan. The incremental goals layout in the game allows attainment of the easier goals before moving on to harder ones This helps to cultivate the habit built on a firm foundation and confidence.

Product Features

Long Battery Life

Lasts 15 days on a single charge


Tell time from the white LEDs array

Comfortable & Safe Material

Dermatologically safe soft touch materials for daily wear

Wireless Synchronization

Sync activities data wirelessly to smartphone

Light Weight Design

18 grams light weight design for comfort

Universal USB Charging

Charging via universal micro USB cable

Track your Progress

See daily activity level directly from LEDs array

IPX6 Waterproof Rating

Workout without worries of damage from rain or sweat

7 Days Activity Data

Stores 7 days of activity data without synchronization

LifeBalanz App

LifeBalanz tracks and analyses your activities, sleep, and calories burned throughout the day. It aims to help you to cultivate long lasting habits in 21 days. You can customise your personal training goal and hit it with more fun along the Star track.


Life is sum of things and often it is the small things that counts

7 Hours of Sleep


Calories Burned

8 Miles Morning Run


Calories Burned

Healthy Breakfast


Calories Consumed

Outdoor Photo Shoot


Calories Burned

Salad for Lunch


Calories Consumed

Walk in the Woods


Calories Burned


Featured in the Media

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Technical Specifications

Key Components

Transceiver: BT 4.0 (2.4Ghz RF)
3-axis Accelerometer with Advanced Motion-Recognition
Vibration Actuator
Display: 21 LED array

Batteries & Power

Battery life: up to 15 days
Battery type: Lithium-polymer
Capacity: 50 mAh
Charge time: One and a half hours
Charging: Micro USB Port via Micro USB Cable

Physical Properties

Weight: 18grams
Strap Length : 155mm -210 mm (adjustable)

Memory & Syncing

Stores up to 7 days motion data
BT LE- Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless sync data between Star.21 and smartphone

Smartphones Requirements

iOS 6.0 and above
Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above

Environmental Requirements

Waterproof Rating: IPX6 -resist against heavy splashing and rain